Hakan Tuna

Hakan Tuna was born in London - England. A native south Londoner all his life. At the age of 12-13, he noticed that he could play by ear any melody that he heard in song back on the piano without anyone showing him, so even though he always wanted to play guitar the piano had chosen him :-) But his goal was never to be a pianist, he always used the instrument more as a writing tool so don't ask him to play you any Bartok Piano Concertos, and so on this path he continued as a composer, with a piano / keyboards.

Hakan Tuna writes his own music which is always self arranged and produced, he has very few covers but even those are always done with a Hakan Tuna flavour (always self arranged and produced), when asked about this in a TRT - TV interview in 2015 he said 'I usually write everything myself, the arrangements are always 100% mine, If you ask the reason for this, it's because if I bring someone from outside to arrange the music then it won't be Hakan Tuna's music, for it to be Hakan Tuna's music Hakan Tuna needs to have the vision and to create it, so for it to be me I have to do it, so my aim is always to be true to myself and to be me".

Between 1989-1991, he played the Keyboard with a London band called Tyrade, they gave concerts in London bars, and made a 3 track cassete in 1991 which was sold at gigs, is if you didn't get one then it's really too late now.

In 1992 he played keyboards for the London based Natural Life who were signed to Hollywood records, he spent 9 months on tour with this band, but record company problems (as always) was causing problems and in those pre internet days the band had no choice but to call it a day, but during the time Hakan was with them they played the Reading Festival and the Glastonbury Festival (NME stage none the less) for thousands of people. Also during this time they played the famous Marquee club twice, once as a headliner and the other during an LBC music competition where they came second (which was also broadcast live). "We wrote some amazing songs back then and it's such a shame that none have bee released, maybe one day they will see the light of day" he says maybe hinting at future releases.

In 1995 he made an 8 track demo and tried his luck at the Turkish music scene, another demo was made in 2000 and the album was finally released in 2004 to rave reviews by the Turkish music press, but unfortunately before the advent of social media and all the tool's we have now you could only get so far as a small independent musician on a small independent label, so it was not until 2013 when Hakan released any new music, and has been releasing successful singles since then, with a new album slated for early 2021 release.
Even though Hakan has released few English songs there has been a trickle and this coming year there will be an English song or 2 on each release with an English album planned for 2022.